I started this campaign by going out, knocking on doors in every neighborhood in Springfield, and having real conversations.  At every door, I asked the same question: “What could I do as a City Councilor to make your life just a little bit better each day?”

No matter the answer, whether it be ending gun violence, doing something about all the vacant storefronts, cleaning up our air and water, and (the most common and my personal favorite:) “fixing the damned roads,” everyone seems to agree on two things: we all want to live a safe, healthy, and meaningful life, and we want leaders who will put in the work to make that happen.

COVID-19 brought Springfield new challenges, while exposing deeply-rooted issues we’ve faced for years.  It also brought us an opportunity to rebuild our community stronger than ever.  With hundreds of millions of dollars coming to Springfield in the near future, we have a chance to do this right, and as your next City Councilor, here are some investments I want to bring to our city:


The Future of Development

How Springfield spends taxpayer money should reflect our values.  As your next city councilor, I am committed to:

  • Prioritizing local and minority-owned businesses in city contracts, keeping Springfield’s money in Springfield
  • Combating Springfield’s housing shortage, with investment and zoning plans that will help both renters and homeowners
  • Ensuring all new development is designed to reduce emissions, lower operating costs, and create local jobs
  • Fixing our roads and strengthening our public transportation, so we all can move around Springfield better and cheaper
  • Investing in municipal internet, providing high quality service while saving us money


Healthy Communities

Massachusetts may have one of the best public health systems in the nation, but in Springfield it’s a different story.  Our community’s health disparities need to be cured as soon as possible, which is why I am committed to:

  • Ensuring that the city’s public health system is fully prepared for future pandemics
  • Guaranteeing cleaner air, water, and living conditions as a right of living in Springfield
  • Ending food insecurity with a comprehensive plan to expand transportation, market, and community garden options
  • Strengthening the city’s behavioral health system, promoting mental health and combating the ongoing opioid crisis
  • Promoting racial equity in Springfield’s public health systems


Safe Neighborhoods

Everyone in Springfield deserves to live in a safe neighborhood.  That is why I am committed to:

  • Ending gun violence through proven preventative policies
  • Helping build trust between the Springfield community and its Police Department
  • Strengthening our community’s re-entry programs to keep families safe and rebuild lives
  • Addressing unsafe biking and motorbike activity, and providing safe recreational opportunities for youth
  • Protecting our city and its residents against future extreme weather and natural disasters