Fiscal Stewardship: As a School Committeemember, and as a Millenial, I will always have an eye on the future, ensuring that Longmeadow’s schools follow a sound fiscal path — for now and for generations to come. Advocating for the funding that Longmeadow needs, and being prudent about the funds we already have, is not only a priority; it is a necessity.

Behavioral Health: With treatments and diagnoses for anxiety, depression, and panic attacks on the rise among school-aged children, it is not only imperative that we lift the stigma off of talking about behavioral health, but take meaningful action about it. As a teacher, I see these issues in person every day, and am committed to ensuring that every Longmeadow student has access to the resources and support network they need to succeed.

Vo-Tech Education: Our modern competitive job market features a severe surplus of well-paying opportunities in the trades, and many modern adults have no idea how to fix simple appliances.  That is why I advocate for robust tech-ed and shop programs in our schools.

Special Education: From the earliest point in my teaching career, I have met with colleagues in SPED departments about how they keep needing to do more with less. Our schools’ SPED programs need more than lip service from their School Committee.  That is why I am already fighting for our programs to get the resources they deserve through the state’s foundation formula (Promise Act)