When it comes to governing, James is set to hit the ground running on Day One, with a track record that speaks for itself.

As a Contra Costa Centre MAC Councilor, James worked on issues of economic development, public safety, zoning and appeals, parks and recreation, housing development, and transportation infrastructure.  A prominent voice on the Council, James worked to promote small business growth, as well as various incentives to expand affordable childcare and environmentally-friendly transportation.  James also fought to preserve local green spaces, wildlife, and other natural resources against unnecessary encroachment a gas company that prioritized profit over people’s health and safety.

During his tenure as the Chairman of the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board, James oversaw and helped develop various reforms and projects focused on improving behavioral health for the county’s 1.1 million residents, including combatting the prescription drug and opioid crisis; advancing drug abuse prevention, treatment, and coordinated re-entry services; and a massive expansion of mental health services throughout the county.  Working alongside several countywide coalitions, James helped implement policies to reduce homelessness by over 30%; strengthen housing and homelessness services; oversee mental health stigma and discrimination reduction initiatives; and establish systems of care to address a holistic perspective on behavioral health.

While a member of the Longmeadow Energy and Sustainability Committee, James worked to develop the Committee’s five-year plan to promote sustainable energy production, consumption, and climate resiliency; advance municipal projects that will save the town millions of dollars; promote state-level legislation to address climate change, such as carbon pricing and rebates; and pass a common-sense ban on single-use plastic and styrofoam, introducing the amendment to protect the needs of neurodivergent and differently-abled residents.

As a Conservation Commissioner in Longmeadow, James worked to preserve protected lands and natural resources, and helped develop the first update to municipal bylaws in three decades, protecting more wetlands and conservation area than ever before.